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Integrated Business Intelligence 

Powerful, but simple BI dashboards for totals, trends and pipeline analytics.  Quick, valuable metrics such as MTD, QTD, YTD volume and units, loan or program type trends, and user-defined analytics for all of your workflows and queues. 



Workflow, Simplified 

Manage workflow in clear, customizable queues, for any 'request & approve' or task assignment processes in your workflow.  Bring clarity, visibility and accountability to processes such as Appraisal or Disclosure Requests, CD Requests and Statuses, QA/QC reviews, and Managing your Closing/Escrow Calendar.

Dynamic, Configurable Work Queues

Dynamic, Configurable Work Queues



Integrated and Automated

Access your critical pipeline queues, trends, and loan-level crucial statuses from anywhere in the world.  Completely automated and fully integrated in to not only just your system, but your workflow.  No more fitting a square peg into a round hole.  Maestro updates in real-time based on your processes, rules, and milestones! 


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