Whether it's a complete operational overhaul, a highly specialized system integration, or providing ongoing services such as Encompass Administration, Project Management or Lending Advisory Counsel, we specialize in one thing above all else... Results.   Plain and simply -  we get the job done.    

Talk is cheap. Well, depends on who you're talking to...

Yes, the current mortgage regulatory environment is demanding.  Yes, the daily challenges and obstacles in today's lending market are more rigorous than ever.  Yes, the need for high-integrity data control is ever increasing... but let's not just make spreadsheets and powerpoints about it, or set meetings to plan the meeting about it... let's roll up our sleeves and get it done.  

Whether it's with our IDS Team (Implementation, Development & Support), Consultation, Programming or Web Teams, we leave the dogs and ponies at home, and build or provide you the processes, systems, integration, answers, support, tools and RESULTS you need. 


Call us to chat when you're ready.

Why KensieMae?

Ask our clients.  No, really, ask them. 

We urge you to do your homework. Ask for and call some current and recent referrals. Find out first-hand the experiences of those who have come to KensieMae for support, enhancements, better solutions, better service, or simply fixing what the 'other guys' weren't able to. 

Unlike many out there, KensieMae is not a side-job or retirement hobby and we aren't in the business of just selling one-off Encompass gadgets. KensieMae provides a full suite of Consultation, Management, Training and Programming Services for many LOS systems and across all facets of the lending process. This is a full-time (and then some) commitment to our clients, partners, and careers for everyone on the KM team.  This is what we do, and we are the best at it.