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Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to utilities many tools from KensieMae. There tools are so well put together that the amount of efficiency we have improved is very impressive. All the staff I have dealt with have been very helpful but one that stands out is Steve. He really takes the time to make sure you accomplish the goal you are looking to achieve but will also educate you on any of the down falls that idea you have could cause to your system. He always makes sure that I am 100% happy before we get off the call. I love KensieMae products and will be using them for years to come in connection with our Encompass software.

Thanks KensieMae!
— - KC Smalley | LowVARates
KensieMae has been an incredible resource for us as we strive to further automate our workflows and empower our users through better technology. They diligently worked to understand our process and challenges and helped us to implement changes that are saving us time and money every day across multiple departments. I really can’t recommend them enough!
— Kevin Strika | Closing/Funding Manager & Business Analyst - First Option Mortgage
We have only been working with Kensie Mae for a few months but so far it has been a great experience. They are very knowledgeable with the system. The solutions/tools they have already built are fantastic and we are still working on our wish list. I have no doubt that once we are finished, our system will be the very best it can be! We have been working with Arthur specifically. He has a great attitude and is a great asset to the KensieMae team.
— Rebecca Willis | Ops Manager - FBT Mortgage
I have been in the Mortgage industry for a very long time and have worked with many different systems and a variety of consultants. I have never had a more positive experience with a more knowledgeable staff than I continue to have with KensieMae. The level of customer service and professionalism they provide is second to none in this industry. Not only do they have years of operational experience to compliment their technological expertise, but their ability to translate “tech speak” into easily understood workflow and system evaluation makes working with them very easy from start to finish. Anyone looking for Mortgage consulting would be crazy not to get on the phone with KensieMae. You will leave the conversation knowing way more than you did before you had the call. They are the best in the business, by far!
— Theresa Carrol | Operations Manager - PrimeSource Mortgage
KensieMae provided us with tools, consulting, knowledge transfer and guidance that helped us vastly improve our use of Encompass from beginning to end of the mortgage process. Their team was patient, helpful and easy to work with. Will definitely be calling on them again down the road.
— Patrick Adams | PMP AVP, Strategic Implementations - Cumanet
I’m extremely pleased with the tools that we have gotten from them. I’ve really appreciated Jeff’s quick response and professional attitude. One specific area of excellence was how quickly they processed our first order. We needed a tool ‘now’ and they made it happen in just a couple days.
— Brian Beaman | Certified Encompass Administrator - Norcom Mortgage & Insurance
What I really love about working with KensieMae is that they are always evolving.
They take feedback about their tools and improve them to accommodate the real world scenarios their clients have to deal with. In addition, the ease of use through the product widget for admins make them my first stop when looking for Encompass system tools.
— Jaki Fanelli | Direct Mortgage Loans, LLC
KensieMae’s products and service are now something that our business relies on every day. One of our departments couldn’t exist without some of their tools! They’re really great at managing installations and troubleshooting, and have even assisted with configuring things specific to our business needs. Highly recommend these guys!
— Ben Carroll | MBA IT, Encompass Administrator - Royal United Mortgage
My company recently made the transition from Self Hosted Encompass Broker to Ellie Mae hosted Encompass Banker. Thankfully we found KensieMae.

They helped us immediately integrate new features into our system using their powerful plug-ins and tools. KensieMae’s Business Rules have been critical in keeping our system up to date and compliant. Their staff, especially Steve Baxley, have been great resources of information and support.

I am glad that my company has established this very beneficial working relationship with the KensieMae team.
— David Adams | Project Manager - Watermark Home Loans
Getting in touch with a live person and getting the answers I needed was a quick and painless process. Within a few business days of hearing about KensieMae, the tool was installed and operational.

The service and support follow up I received was exemplary and in my opinion, the reputation KensieMae has in the industry is well-deserved.
— Chris Caballero | SVP Chief Information Officer - Hamilton Funding Group
Within a few days of our initial strategy call KensieMae’s staff provided plug-in tools that had immediate positive impact on our productivity. They also provided invaluable guidance on our Encompass platform. I sincerely recommend your company to any mortgage banker in search of enhancements for their Ellie Mae Encompass system.
— Bob Gilbert | President - Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corp.
What a DIFFERENCE KensieMae has made! Have you ever thought, “If only Encompass could do…..”? Well, with Kensie, it can! Whatever I can think of in my little mind, Kensie either already has a solution for it, or they can think of three effective ways to make it happen with a custom solution. Ryan, Steve, Jeffrey….they are so responsive and helpful. Every time I have questions or ask about a product, they schedule a screen share session with me, so I can clearly see what I need to see. We’ve purchased about a dozen of their tools, and each one continues to improve efficiencies and loan quality.
— Raven Johnson | Legacy Mutual
We have been working with KensieMae on various Encompass projects and integrations over the last 6 months and with each new project are validated in our decision to continue working with KensieMae. They always take the time to make sure they understand the project and to think through all of the variables that could affect our goals. I can not more highly recommend anyone in the Encompass space. Looking forward to our next project together.
— Michael Neef | Founder - Pre Approve Me App
We have been working with the KensieMae team since making the decision to move to Encompass for our LOS solution in the Spring of 2014 - our launch was in September of that year. They made the transition incredibly smooth. They took the time to learn how our production environment already worked and made carefully thought out suggestions about how to migrate without requiring complete re-tooling of our processes. Where appropriate they suggested alternative solutions that improved overall efficiency.
— Adrienne Clayton | VP of Development- Integrity Home Mortgage Corp
We heard about KensieMae, LLC, through a user forum and they were quick to schedule a demo with us. The products are innovative, competitively priced, and they are very helpful with any troubleshooting that needs to take place. I recommend anyone looking for system tools, check them out first.
— Rob Dinardi | VP - Stockman Bank of Montana
Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. After reviewing multiple companies we chose and love working with KensieMae due to them having former Mortgage professionals on staff not just IT guys.
— Joshua Perrera | Executive Vice President - Bayshore Mortgage Funding
We have worked with KensieMae for over 6 months now and it has been absolutely amazing! They not only know their stuff, but they are so FAST! Their communication is top notch and they really do care about making our business and workflow in Encompass better. We love all their tools and how open they are to share them. It has been the best thing we’ve done to help our staff and our process work more smoothly. You guys ROCK!
— Jeff Boulton | Principal - Sun American
I’ve been working with KensieMae for 4 months now, and couldn’t be happier! They’ve really helped us transform our Encompass, simplifying workflow and creating efficiencies. Their customer service, and response has been great! Gone are the hours of wasted tech support, with no progress! Highly recommended.
— Fadi Faraj | Managing Partner/Mortgage Banker - Premier Lending, Inc.
We have been amazed at what Jason has been able to accomplish for us. Not only is our system working like it should, but he has customized our Encompass to fit our processes. We are now able to use Encompass for most of our origination needs instead of turning to outside spreadsheets for ordering out, income calculation, ATR review, HMDA data collection and underwriting checklists. Our disclosures and closing documents are compliant and consistent and he has also gotten our Webcenter tailored to our specifications. We have had a fantastic experience with KensieMae and appreciate the wonderful job they have done!
— Chelsea Wichern | Director of Risk Management - Alliance Bank
KensieMae, the Company over our direct support staff of Lee Watkins and Jennifer Walters could not have had more experienced and resourceful for us as consultants. They have worked with us in our post-deployment and ongoing assistance with Encompass. Given the complexity of the program, Lee and Jennifer, have devised a distinctive approach to executing each week our punch list of items to improve upon our workflows. As would be expected, this resulted in many improvements and efficiencies to our organization on a weekly ongoing basis.
— Michaela Eulberg | VP of Operations - MBSI
They have helped us to greatly enhance our use of Encompass, and we are looking forward to more results from additional projects in the works. We have and will continue to recommend KensieMae to other Encompass clients.
— Brian Smith | SVP - StateBank
It is extremely comforting to know you are working with a technology company that knows and understand the mortgage industry. This project to overhaul our LOS is no small task and having KM and its professional team behind us only helps us better understand all features and limitations
— Jesse Singh | President - 1st Rate Home Mortgage, Inc.
Their extensive industry knowledge and personal attention highlighted key areas of improvement in our workflow while providing best-practice recommendations and solutions. KensieMae’s array of plugins gave our operations team time-saving workflow enhancements, extended system functionality and added visibility. Successful relationships are invaluable to our core business model and we are pleased that the KensieMae Team brings this to the table.
— Ryan Allcorn | IT Director - OGI Mortgage Bankers
We purchased several Tools from KensieMae to help with our business. The field mapper really helped me especially with the complicated rules we have to build based on subject property county. Instead of having to write complicated code, I was able to break down the trigger rules on an excel spreadsheet. Now when this has to be updated its as simple as updating the spreadsheet. We also purchased the “doorbell” which is a big hit with our originators and processors. The fee mapper is great so we can pull away from templates and are able to control fees based on data rather having 20 templates to constantly update. The staff at KensieMae are quick to respond and very helpful during installation as well as follow up. They are there to help even after installation which is important to our company. Jeffrey Gorodokin spent a lot of time with our staff to go over the products in detail and did a great job for us. Their products are reasonably priced and work exactly as advertised.
— Stacy Watson | VP/LOS Administrator - Mortgage Services
I have been the (self taught) system admin for Encompass since 2007. It is amazing what Encompass is able to do when you have another set of eyes on your workflow and admin settings. Thanks to Ryan, Eric, and Brock at KensieMae, we can actually make Encompass work for us the way we like to manage our workflow. Keep up the great work guys!
— Tony Butler | Executive Vice President - Equitable Mortgage Corp.
Working with KensieMae has meant that I can confidently manage our workflow. When challenges arise, it’s comforting to know that I have experienced consultants to rely on. The team at KensieMae has always been very efficient, and knowledgeable, and I consider them my “go to” folks when I am determining if a new workflow should be implemented or how to more effectively implement a change. Knowing that I’m not just working with technical personnel, but seasoned mortgage professionals, means that we can speak the same language and communicate our needs. If you’ve ever worked with a consultant who did not fully understand our industry, then you know how difficult that can be. KensieMae brings many years of mortgage knowledge to the table, leveraged with the technical knowledge and know-how of mortgage business operations, and that allows them to fully support us in all of our needs. Although we consider ourselves to be fairly self-reliant, we continue to maintain our relationship with KensieMae as trusted advisers and consultants to the ever changing needs and demands of being in the mortgage industry.
— Cendera Funding
Our experience with KensieMae to date has been overwhelmingly positive. Their team’s emphasis on adding value through customer service and industry knowledge is a potent combination.
— Matt Booms | SVP - StateBank
KensieMae’s service is excellent and the personnel I work with are great. Their creative insights, combined with superb technical capabilities make them a great partner.
— Owen Stockton | VP of Information Technology - Central Bancorp
KensieMae has the best team, best solutions and most amazing innovations out there. We try and try, but we simply cant keep up since we have day jobs and do this part time with outsourced labor. We steal KensieMae’s code, tools, work, and claim it as our own whenever possible and actually still market solutions built by KensieMae on our site today as if it were something we built ourselves, even though they built it while we hired their services as independent contractors years ago.
— Aliar Andathief | Owner - A 'competitor' to remain nameless"
We found KensieMae to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and an extreme asset to our company. We had some issues that they resolved and expedited to accommodate our growth plans. We will continue to work with Ryan and his team on future projects and know that they truly care about our success. Their knowledge of the mortgage industry was very valuable in making adjustments to Encompass. Thank you again!
— Pava J Leyrer | COO - Northern Mortgage Services