With over a decade of successful company start-up management, workflow development, operational and underwriting management, platform creation and expansion, as well as LOS design and implementation experience, KensieMae brings real-world guidance and expertise to today's challenging lending environment.

We provide tailored consulting and project management services for our clients from brokers to banks, and everything in between. Understanding that no two companies run their lending operation the same, and that there is no 'cookie-cutter' approach to advising and guiding our clients: our specialty is in providing the assessment, support, guidance, and direction that yields the results you need, and meets the objectives you seek.  

Migrating from Brokering to Lending

Adding a New Business/Lending Channel

Audit Readiness  

Policy and Procedure Review

Operational Restructuring/Overhaul

Best Practices (A to Z)


Workflow Development

Risk Management

Underwriting Policy and Procedure

FHA/Agency Approval Assistance 

Investor Delivery and Post Closing Management 

LOS Migration, Development, Implementation

Call us to discuss your project, and how we can assist.  References available upon request. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.