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A lifeline for more than 1800 Encompass Admins and growing literally every day…

TAP (The Admin Portal, formerly known as Basecamp) is a crucial, invaluable resource.  TAP is essentially an Encompass wiki with years of data and nearly 15,000 searchable threads and topics powered by a dynamic, AI-infused engine. As the first and only of its kind, this forum is purely peer-driven with support, ideas, help, how-to's, and all things Encompass. Completely and 100% free of solicitation as well as egos, and moderated by community leaders, TAP provides a support outlet relied on by more than half of all Encompass Banker lenders and their administrators every single day.  

Beyond just a forum, is home base for Encompass Admins with a one-stop-shop platform including the Idea Hub, Status Center, Tips & Tools, and System Performance tools.


It is absolutely free to join, and absolutely zero strings attached, always!  KensieMae is proud to support and lead the community and encourages the open-idea sharing and collaboration you will find on TAP, every single day.  

As this is an exclusive forum, the only requirement to become a member is that you must be a System Admin for your company.  

Just complete the below few pieces of information, and we'll get you set up, usually within an hour or two.  For more information or any questions, feel free to call or shoot us a message on the 'let's chat' tab above.  


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Members MUST be either System Admins, Post-Closers, or Underwriters.
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