Kensie Cares | Recipients Steve Baxley and Child's Play

Our Q1 Kensie Cares recipient for 2017 has been with KensieMae since inception, and exemplifies the work ethic, attitude, teamsmanship, and commitment to our clients we pride ourselves on every day.  Steve Baxley, who wears the hats of both Product Manager as well as Support Manager for KensieMae, continuously and constantly is willing to help a fellow teammate, jump in on a situation to lend a hand and help make sure others around him have whatever support he can help provide. Always the first to volunteer his time, take the initiative on an advanced request or unique ask from a client project and step up to the plate with a smile, we are proud to have Steve on our side and wearing the KensieMae peacock hat!

Product/Support Manager Steve Baxley with his donation to Child's Play

Product/Support Manager Steve Baxley with his donation to Child's Play

For his charity, Steve chose Child's Play which is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network of over 100 hospitals worldwide. Child's Play brings smiles to the faces of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play, which is a wonderful cause that Steve is proud to be able to help support!

Many thanks for all of your continued hard work and dedication, Steve, and congrats on this nod!


If you would like more information on Child's Play and their mission, please visit their site by visiting them here.


In honor of the company’s namesake and her generosity and willingness to help others both deserving and in need, KensieMae is very proud to promote our Kensie Cares program! Kensie Cares embodies the spirit of both rewarding our amazing team with a little well-deserved show of appreciation for their continued efforts, and at the same time helping provide some much needed love and support for those less fortunate.

Each quarter, the KensieMae employee whom has most shown and exemplified the quality of work, initiative, ingenuity, teamsmanship, and exceptional effort that KensieMae prides its reputation on (both to our Clients & Partners as well as internally), shall receive a $1000.00 bonus. Additionally, a $1000.00 donation will be made in that recipient’s name to the deserving charity of their choosing. This achievement will be announced on the company website, social media and blogs as a proud display to all of the emphasis, importance, and value that KensieMae places on both its hard-working team and in giving back to the communities in which we live.