Managing Non-Borrowing Signers - A Workaround for the Workaround!

A Reliable way to have your Non-Borrowing Spouse or Non-Title Owner show up on the Closing Disclosure:

The challenge of trying to manage Non-Borrowing Spouses & Title-Only Signers within Encompass, is an issue we hear about from clients often. While there is a KBA & workaround provided by EllieMae, most users find this extremely cumbersome and that it still leads to data and CD errors, along with headaches and lots of manual effort. 

This video tip guides you through a much simpler workflow to add and manage these parties to your loan file, and how to streamline and manage the CD and eConsent!

As always, feel free to reach out to us here at KensieMae for any additional help!

We have seen too many times where confusion is setting in because of a suggested workflow to add a person, as a borrower, to a loan file, print the CD and then remove that person, because they are not actually a borrower.