Employee Appreciation | Company Retreat and KensieMae Day 2019!

Here’s to our incredible team, deserving of some recognition and reciprocation!

We’re on a boat! Our muster of Peacocks on their way to the Bahamas!

Simply put, KensieMae is KensieMae because of the incredible talent, hard work, dedication, and devotion each of our phenomenal team members bring to the table. Every. Single. Day.

Last month, in an effort to give back to employees for all the time and effort they put in for clients and teammates, we celebrated “KensieMae Day,” our annual Employee Appreciation Day when we give our team the Monday after Mother’s Day off from work for a long weekend and some extra R&R with their families.

In addition, for recognition of their amazingness and with our gratitude for all they do, KensieMae took the whole team on a cruise to the Bahamas just a few weeks ago! A little sun, ocean, warm weather, and - most importantly - no computers for a few days! It was a fantastic trip for a fantastic group, and we are so very proud to have each and every one of you on board (pun intended!).

Thank you so very much for all you do, and we’re already looking forward to next year!

Expanding our horizons

we may or may not have taken over the piano bar

Team KensieMae, dressed to the nines

Some of the group exploring Atlantis

Back on land and the party don’t stop