We Love You 4000

You like us, you really, really like us.

KMT - 4000 Install .jpg

4,000 installs, what a milestone! The #KensieMae family would like to thank the Academy, (if there is one), our cast of characters, the developers for hours of tireless dedication, writers of user manuals, and Mom. Oh my, we can’t forget her. This wouldn’t be possible without you, Mom!!!

But most of all, a huge “thank you” goes to our 500+ clients who have installed more than 4,000 of the KensieMae Technologies’ automation and workflow tools and utilities for Ellie Mae’s Encompass loan origination system! With this many Encompass Banker lenders leveraging KMT tools (and growing every day), it inspires us to continue leading the marketplace with innovation, performance, and service.

KensieMae, KensieMae Technologies and KensieMae University provide loan origination software Service, Tools, Training and provide a Community where Encompass admins can share, ask, and find solutions to their Encompass questions. If the solution doesn’t exist, we can build it. Our teams actually understand lending, with every solution built here, by us, not outsourced. This is our passion. We build, continually test, and provide enhancements and service on all our products. Learn more about the KensieMae Technologies library of tools and utilities here.

 We look forward to 5,000 and beyond.