While we help, work with, configure, customize, and support many platforms,  Encompass by Ellie Mae® is undoubtedly one of the most popular and comprehensive systems in the industry.  With a highly customizable and configurable array of settings, setup, and business rules, along with the ability to supplement the core system with advanced plugins and utilities - the Encompass Banker platform can be tailored to work cohesively with your business model.  Beyond just standard configuration, Encompass can do pretty much everything short of making your morning coffee for you. (we're working on that code!)

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Full Implementations, Custom Development & Advanced Solutions, Rebuilds, Reboots & Revamps, No-Fluff Project Management...

              Our Services Include:

  • Complete 'out of the box' Implementation project management

  • Virtual System Admin Services

  • Advanced Coding, Business Rules, and Automations

  • Current System Analysis and Deficiency Assessment

  • TPO Development

  • Reconfiguration and Workflow Redevelopment

  • Custom Plugins and Utilities

  • Migrating to Paperless Lending

  • Specialty 'one-off' Projects

  • Monthly Admin and/or End-User Support

  • Best Practices Consultation

  • Compliance Configuration

  • End User Training (On-site & Virtual)

  • System Admin Training (On-site & Virtual)

  • Custom Coding and Input Form Development

  • Complete Configuration from Application to Secondary Delivery and Beyond


End-User & Admin Training, Community, and Ongoing Education...


The power, knowledge and experience of KensieMae combine in the KensieMae University courses, certifications, and professional on-going industry and Encompass user training.  

As the ONLY community of its kind, KensieMae proudly powers and leads an open-forum community of more than 1700 Encompass Admins.  An unparalleled resource for troubleshooting, ideas, solutions, etc!

We offer both virtual and on-site training packages for End-Users & System Admins alike, as well as critical 'go-live' support, and have helped many of the nation’s largest lenders ensure a successful launch!

The way we see it: every minute spent by a Loan Officer clicking buttons or typing in fields is one less minute they are able to sell a loan. Every minute your Underwriters or Processors are double checking numbers or working through data entry is one less file they can move off their desk or get a decision made on. Automating the loan application process by configuring custom workflow, hard-stops, notifications, checks and balances, data entry, and business rules to govern the life-of-loan process through each touch in your process is what we specialize in.  

Our IDS and Programming teams have years of actual, hands-on, real-world Encompass knowledge, experience and expertise not only from an IT perspective, but an Operations perspective most importantly.  1's and 0's are neat, but getting them to reflect and support your business is the key to a successful platform that works cohesively with your users and workflow. We can do that.