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KensieMae is the long-standing, undisputed leader in third-party Encompass Banker custom solutions. Period.  Our solutions are powered, supported, tested, warrantied and professionally built by our sister company, KensieMae Technologies, Inc

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KensieMae Technologies' robust library of Encompass tools, plugins, integrations, utilities, custom workflow, SDK & API solutions, input forms, compliance management, administrator toolbelt, automation, and efficiency enhancements is simply unparalleled. We don't just sell widgets; we provide comprehensive solutions, all of which are professionally developed, supported, documented, tested and continuously updated as well as regression tested against Ellie Mae® system updates.  With a live support portal and chat for any help in implementing or technical support, hands-on installation and setup support, whitepaper documentation for each solution for your auditing and change management requirements AND being the only company we know of that warranties our products in writing, no one else even comes close! 

Sure, there's that guy who has that thing he created and sells from his basement as a side job...  Best of luck with that! 


If you don't see something specific you're looking for, give us a ring.  We have literally hundreds of proven solutions our clients depend on every day, and most likely have the tool you're looking for already built!  If not, our incredible product team will work one-on-one with your team on a custom solution. 

For more information on Encompass, and Ellie Mae® products and services, clear here!