Welcome to the Team | Larry Bailey

Larry Bailey has joined the KensieMae family!

 We are very proud to announce our newest team member and asset to join the KensieMae family.  Larry Bailey, an extremely knowledgeable and respected leader in the Encompass community, has joined KensieMae as the Director of IDS Special Projects!  Larry will be helping us to not only continue leading the industry with innovation, service, support and unparalleled knowledge, but use his years of hands-on leadership in the lending technology & consultation arena to provide even more community engagement, support avenues and initiatives.

In addition to the 20+ years of industry experience under his belt in all facets of mortgage lending, Larry has been an extremely active and innovative member of the lending community, with a dedicated focus on the Encompass platform.  From creating and leading several peer and community platforms such as the industry-leading Basecamp forum , to the original Youtube Encompass help tutorials he created, to his years of working at EllieMae, Larry has an unparalleled focus on, and belief in, engaging and providing support and knowledge for mortgage lenders and administrators.  As one of the most widely respected Encompass experts in the community, a symbiosis with KensieMae was destined and we are quite excited about the new initiatives and avenues this will continue to open up, adding to the already best-in-class services and products offered by KensieMae!


A Shared Focus

What makes the acquisition of Larry and his experience especially exciting above all, is the shared focus and concepts common between the company mission and Larry’s ideals and years of leadership in the community.  Sure, it may sound fluffy and BS-ish, but as anyone who has worked with a KensieMae team, or who has purchased tools or utilities, or even simply knocked on the door and been given advice will tell you – our core drive is centered on providing value, support and a reputation that precedes itself through that direct community engagement.  Yes, of course, we’re a for-profit company that is in business to pay bills and earn clients… but the focus on providing value in general while engaging and supporting the community is something KensieMae’s Founder and CEO has believed in and stressed since day one, and is key to the successful model we have built.  Put another way, “if you build it, they will come”!  The ‘KensieMae way’ is built squarely on an open idea sharing/collaborative foundation, whether with our partners at EllieMae, the community and even our competition.  Having Larry joining the team only furthers and deepens this focus and drive, helping new avenues, ventures and initiatives to blossom and we look forward to continuing our growth and leadership in the industry.  



THE single resource depended on by more than 700 Encompass Admins from all corners of the lending market every single day, is the Encompass Basecamp Forum which Larry created and leads every day.  KensieMae has long been engaged in community support, from this forum to the old google and LinkedIn groups with advice, code, tips, and free utilities.  We firmly believe that what makes Basecamp as effective and engaging as it is, is that it is a peer-led open forum, free from solicitation and egos.  With Larry joining the team and the Basecamp platform being backed by KensieMae, we absolutely will be keeping the community open in this manner, including inviting and encouraging others offering similar or competing services of KensieMae to participate.   KensieMae plans to ensure this free resource remains open to all, and allows as many voices to be heard as possible.  The roadmap, in fact, has several initiatives and additions planned to make certain this community becomes even stronger and more resourceful for all who rely on it!   Additional resources are slated to be added including such ideas as; a robust and searchable knowledge base including code and coding resources, additional SME’s in various aspects of the lending industry (such as compliance or escrow) opened up to discussions for advice and knowledge sharing, and others we will keep secret for now!  The bottom line is, the community and the interactive community support within Basecamp is what makes Encompass life manageable for many, and we will continue to help drive and expand those channels, initiatives and opportunities wherever possible.   

We are therefore proud and excited to officially welcome Larry to the family, and have already begun working on integrating and bringing his ideas and innovation to the market!